Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sometimes Action is the only wisdom

I am writing a letter to my congressman, the Hon. Ed Markey, who has a record I am generally pleased with. He better show some extra backbone the next few weeks or the sonofabush is gonna finish off congress altogether with one last flourish of signing statements. The letter writing was an exercise at today's MoveOn meeting. I rant at length over at A Bomb A Nation on the reasons for my action and my upsets. The usual lib'rul whining if you will but with my own little twists. I am going to be showing "The Ground Truth" at my place on the 15th and signing up all the likely MoveOn members for letter writing, congress calling and anti war demonstrations...the choices are plentiful and the hackles of anyone naturally disposed against fascism are up.

For a while, I was concerned that most of the people showing up for the meetings of the particular MoveOn group I attend were largely 50-somethings like myself. There were 30-somethings in the crowd today. Heckuvajob mobilizing your support base there, sonofabush.

There are far more people who will resist the abuse of political power than people who are otherwise attracted to the exercise of political power. That is why good times, bad times, conservative times and liberal times oscillate in turn once you leave out external factors that force the system. Just now, abuse is peaking and lagging 90 degrees out of phase, liberals are reengaging.

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