Monday, June 18, 2007

An evolving sense of how to be a more positive and effective political animal.

One of the many posts I have idling in draft form looks at an upcoming book on how to approach politics in a democracy in a scientific way. I will eventually write that post but in my tardiness, the times have overtaken me. I was going to write a bit there in praise of the enlightening analysis of polls and political maneuvering that Matt Stoller has steadily provided at my My one misgiving in that draft is that a partisan approach such as Matt has been obliged to pursue and a scientific approach, such as Professor Hillygus presents are, necessarily, not able to reach exactly the same conclusions despite the brilliant quality of the efforts. Now Matt is leaving myDD. His parting words at myDD stir hope in me and I look forward to what will come of his next venture, a venture beyond partisan motivations.
"Being yelled at every day in good faith is the essence of democracy, of a civil society that pushes its leaders to be better than they ever thought possible... help more people understand the power of disagreement, the power of ideas, and the power of dissent."
I don't expect readership for my scribbles just because I complain about evil and greedy ineptitude of those in power. The problems I protest are probably deeper than the causes I discern, much harder to solve than any solutions I concoct or suggest...and yet...if I say nothing it is even worse and I tacitly own a piece of the screwed up state of this country and the world. I find that in complaining, like Matt, I have found something of a voice.

of course, another reason to expect no readership is that I have not been time even for my dodgy random drivel. If, in radical departure from all past achivement or habit, I get caught up on all my work and carve out a quiet time slot for writing, something like regular blogging should turn up.

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