Thursday, June 28, 2007

Your tax dollars buy more irony

Peeking at you from between the lines of this somewhat technical debunking of the latest twist taken by the global warming denialists, you might notice a bit of irony. The twist is the "saturation" argument against human impact, to wit, that there is already too much carbon dioxide in the air and more won't matter. The proof that, hell yes, it does matter lays in a mountain of expensive data on atmospheric absorption of infrared radiation. Do you suppose the Cheney administration worries much about adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere? While Cheney's puppet postures at the G8 summit with his recently discovered concern for the climate, we still spend billions of dollars per week and many lives to secure a supply of Iraqi oil. Where is the carbon in that oil going to wind up?

So who paid for that inconvenient data? The Department of Defense.

I really don't think we are getting our money's worth.

My Operation Democracy group will be hosting a "Live Planet" event on July 7. Look for one near you. Its a town hall meeting to watch candidates answer our questions about climate problems and a chance to see what others are doing about global warming.

In ways big and small today, the NY Times reminds us that if we don't pay more attention to real leaders like Al Gore, or even Robert Redford, and give less attention [but more subpoenas] to Darth Cheney and crew, we will be reading headlines about drought, famine and bloodshed for decades and the numbers dying now will pale by comparison.

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