Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Massachusetts at least,

The legislators have refused to turn back the clock on gay rights. One can only guess whether they responded to their own consciences or to the demands of a majority of those who have any opinion at all in the matter.

There is jubilation among the many households that would have been hurt by the backward intentions of this proposed amendment. But we should also mention this outcome spares us a full year of acrimonious campaigning in a run-up to the ballot issue. The Catholic church has many fences and psyches to mend in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. It would be so much worse off trying to spend resources it barely has for a cause only bigots like, all while trying to put the worst of the slanders and homophobic doctrine in the mouths of proxies instead of giving the good fathers yet another PR black eye. It really is more of a victory than they realize. It takes off the pressure in all the right places.

People who think they can make other people's natures "better" typically make their lives worse.

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JahTeh said...

Two gay men have just been allowed to adopt a baby in Western Australia which is a first. The wording was bad, 'they've been given a child' instead of 'they're giving a child a home'. That should go right up John Howard's nose.

GreenSmile said...

That many people condemn themselves to lead lives isolated from the breadth of human experience and the multitude of benign expressions of human nature is one of the chief failings of conservative world views, particularly conservative religious world views. But why the rest of a society would then go and choose one of these corsetted minds to lead a country is a sad puzzle.

We should invite my benighted bush and your hobbled howard to come spend an evening with some real people. There is a group of families which has been meeting for about 18 years and to which my family belongs. We originally got togehter for whatever kind of worship we could manage with boisterous small children because they were a disruptive handful at synagogue services. Over the years the meetings became essentially social though the topics we discussed were largely Jewish. The kids are mostly grown, some graduated, married, kids of their own on the way and such. One of the latter day additions was when a woman in the original group divorced a husband and brought in a woman she loved. We went to their wedding and have watched them raise two adopted chinese girls very much as their own daughters. This is not the usual arrangement and they have had to move to a less conservative town [small towns can be SO harsh] because they are incredibly sensitive to how their daughters are percieving and growing in their social settings...two mommies and both of them therapists! Howard could clearly learn a thing or two.
[well, could if he wanted to]

JahTeh said...

There is a little more to these men who lead very private lives and don't like all the publicity.
The child has been in their foster care for some time and has disablities. The birth grandmother has welcomed the adoption.
I remember a similar case in Florida where two men had various children in their care but had to move to the north-west to be able to keep them. The problem was that they looked after them so well that they were re-assessed as being 'adoptable'.
I think Gerry has a link to this site but for a laugh, you must look at his latest cartoon