Friday, June 01, 2007

Its not muck, its a presidential order.

my TPM daily briefing email pointed me to this DoD doozie: the inspector general cites numerous cover ups and violations of a DoD interrogation rule book that already has rules too cruel and crude for a western democracy.

And TPM is right to register some concern that media coverage of has been a bit sparse considering the calamitous irony that it is the DOD itself that is judging ruefully the methods the administration has urged upon it. My question is why anyone would be the least bit surprised at such developments. The constant nuts and bolts working of this administration are bent on scuttling any human rights that get in its fascist way or cloud its fear-fueled vision of foreign relations. For instance, who noted that the president had signed into effect, without public or legislative comment, rules that enable trials in absentia? Such rules will come in handy for trying prisoners held in foreign based torture facilitiesdetention centers we won't even admit to using. Such rules will come in handy for providing "witnesses" who never physically appear in court.

Americans have let weak minded and amoral characters run things too long. The psychology of this leadership is such that the enemies they see are based less on realities than on projections of what they fear most...and in steeling themselves to deal with the enemy they imagine, they justify operating as cruelly as their own worst nightmares. I sicken of living within the waking nightmares of conservatives. Let us make the dark age of neoconservatism a short aberration and rid ourselves of them by all the means they have failed to make work: fair elections, recall votes, impeachment.

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