Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I know Cheney has few friends...

...but just look at some of his enemies!

I was not aware these old Master red Baiters were still around. They must have been greatly vexed to peel back the sod and emerge into my news feeder. The John Birch Society denounces Darth Cheney for garbling the statement of duties sworn to by the graduates of West Point when he addressed them last week. Their cause, for the nonce, is much like mine:
Was this just bad fact checking by the Vice-President's speech writers, or is this just another example of how meaningless Mr. Cheney and the rest of his team believe the U.S. Constitution to now be in their scheme of things?
Or, take US News & World Report, I haven't read a copy since I moved out of my folks house after college but unless they changed management, they are probably still a magazine people would identify as conservative or moderate-conservative. For counterpoint, they tolerate the columnist Bonnie Erbe. She does not tolerate Cheney...and claims to have thought so for some time. I understand CBS being glad to pick this piece up...but that it was written for USN&WR is interesting.

And and your little dog too!:
This just in... Cheney's flying monkey lying flunky, Scooter Libby, has been sentenced to all but six months of the three years that prosecutors were seeking. Better go find the prison library, Scooter, cause your old boss is not going to pardon you or even visit you.

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