Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another change so things can stay the same

Josh Marshall and David Kurtz are saying the the right things about the Fallon "resignation" over at Talking Points...well, at least they agree with things I was about to say:

Fallon's ideas about military action against Iran have been a pain in the ass for the not-reality-based hawks in the administration. 

His departure continues an unbroken tradition that only yes-men [and a few yes-ladies] will enjoy tenure with the bush league.  Anybody giving odds on an invasion or bombardment of Iran better call their bookie.  Who will replace him and how willing will they be to do Dick Cheney's bidding against Iran?

This increase in uncertainty is brought to you by neocon delusions of American dominance...All by itself it ought to be good for another dollar per barrel uptick.

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