Wednesday, March 12, 2008

good bye

for a while anyway.

Can't tell you where I am blogging. There really are more effective things to do for this democracy than repeat news and polish complaints.


cul said...

arrrrg !!!

I go away for a couple of days and the place starts disintegrating...

I guess you have your selfish reasons :(

GreenSmile said...

Its a couple things coming all at once:
I am hurting my job performance.
I have a project based on an idea I have about changing peoples minds [helping them make up their minds, honestly] that will take even more time.

I note I am unable to quit, regardless of stated intentions but maybe I can redirect the energy.

I won't stop looking in on my friends so keep up your good work.

I will give a report of what luck I have and what I learn when I come back to ET...I will return.

cul said...

Alright, peace. May you find what you seek and be elevated by it.