Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice Try, McCain

McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip U.S. election

Who do you think you will fool with that line? More important, WHY do you want to fool them? [And damn Reuters for making news out of lies like that!]

All the smart people have seen the graphs showing how Bush approval ratings go up in lockstep with terrorist attacks. Osama was absolutely Bush's best vote getter. Are you soliciting similar help?

All the rest of the people vote for fear mongers and security pushers like you and bush. Neither they nor their candidates are smart enough to notice they are already half way to fascism.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

Senator Joe McCarthy, er, I mean, Senator John McCain, is already getting desperate:

-Just as Tailgunner Joe blamed the Left for losing Eastern Europe to the Rooskies, when it was pusillanimous Ike who inked that deal, and sealed it by not backing the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

-Just as all the right-wing losers still blame "hippies" for losing the Vietnam War, when it was yet another Republican debacle.

-Now the Democrats will be blamed for the inevitable, from the beginning, failure of the Iraq adventure.

As you say, Al Qaida has always been good for Bush, and now McCain.

Of course support will bubble upwards whenever our troops are in greater danger. And it will subside when people remember who actually put them in danger.

The real fear I have is that Al Qaida, or some of Bush's Reichstag firemen, will pull off an October Surprise here this year, in hopes of stampeding piss-pants soccer-moms toward nut-job McCain.

Both sides of the phony War on Terror, Bushtians & Islamo-fascists, look forward to the Apocalypse, after all.

Maybe this was McCain's Freudian way of warning us: If we don't start supporting him, Bush will bomb your local mall.

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