Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My too sense about Spitzer

In the future 15 people will have something to say about Elliot Spitzer.

For right now, everybody from gleeful republicans to glum democrats [mind you there are lots of colors outside that narrow spectrum] has at least 15 things to say. There will be weeks of police procedural type coverage and titillation. The guy did wrong. Behind all the details, which in hindsight might merely look stupid in the case of a man who knows the system as well as Spitzer, there really is a deeper flaw and I think Lindsay drew our attention to it first.

The worst in my view is that the whole affair reinforces a uniquely American political schizophrenia about "values". Via this outcome of a prompt resignation with no explanation, we demonstrate clearly the political force of the perception that mere personal consensual sexual behavior is, to Americans, a worse lapse than conspiring via multiple elaborate lies to take a nation into a disastrous war and to destroy economies and careers if they get in the way.

This electorate is as ready and fit to elect prudes and fundamentalist demagogues as the Iranians are.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

It war'nt the People. I ware Beauty killed the Beast.

Actually, the media. Sex sells. But nobody really cares. Just ask Gary Hart. If he'd hung in there, he could have won. If Slick Willie had just said, "Yeah, I fucked her, and I'm not sorry," the 50% of Americans who admit cheating on their spouses would have rolled over and gone back to sleep.

Of course, in this case, we have a former prosecutor committing several major felonies to get his nut. Seriously, don't these guys know any nice, horny, discrete, non-pro ladies? I do. Seriously, dudes, call me. I can hook you up. You have to drink Midori, though. (Sometimes, it isn't worth it.)

GreenSmile said...

"sometimes it isn't worth it"

-you funny.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

The Midori, not the nookie. That's always worth it. Though Elliot may have payed too high a price for it. Or he will . . .