Friday, March 28, 2008


Bitterness is only the right flavoring to apply if you intend to throw the food rather than serve it.

But food fights feed no body.

...and yet, I cannot shut up while it becomes clearer and clearer that I live in a country where a decent human being can have his bid to lead the country simultaneously attacked both because he is alleged to be a suspected Muslim and because he is alleged to be too close to a mildly bigoted and loudly impolitic Christian pastor.

Maybe the US really does deserve all the death, angst and vast economic wreckage the bush league have wrought and deserve it simply because we are, in net effect, a very stupid country.

But how to rationalize that anyone else in the world deserves the consequences of our fearful intellectual laziness?

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cul said...

Have you seen the movie Idiocracy?

Same point, only with laughter.

I don't think most people are particularly stupid as individuals, its when they flock that they go dodo...or perhaps just "Doh!"

That's why I'm against flags of any stripe and teams of any shirt; they reinforce the stupid quotient...rah, rah, kill...other bad, same good.