Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain is an honorable man

Just not a very consistent man.

I was reading an article by Ryan Lizza in The New Yorker that I would describe as grudgingly admiring of McCain's straightforwardness and how that works well for him with the press corps.

Well, some of the press corps. A reporter with a nose for what McCain may feel are his weak flanks will encounter a wilting barrage of browbeating evasion and aggressively changing the subject. This is what Elizabeth Bumiller of the New York Times experienced today.

The funny thing about that particular encounter in which an irate John McCain tried to turn aside the question of his dealings with Kerry in 2004 by repeating

..."No. No. Because the issue is closed, as far as I'm concerned. Everybody knows it. Everybody knows it in America."

Could he describe the conversation? "No, of course not," McCain said. "I don't describe private conversations. Why should I? Then there's no such thing as a private conversation."

Why is that funny? Because the administration that McCain supports to the hilt [so apt an image in his case] and hopes to continue is writhing in its political skin to preserve its tissue of abrogated constitutional rights. There is no such thing as a private conversation in Bushworld. Will there be one in McCain's administration? Maybe only for Johnny boy.

update: I see there is a whole book about how the MSM just don't want to see the problems of a McCain candidacy or presidency.

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