Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All the good news I can stand at one time

On my comatose blog against the Bush League, the terse blogroll links to Crooked Timber. Beside the fact that these are really sharp and well informed people with diverse countries and perspectives from which to write, every once in a while there is a post there that just says so much that I have been hoping to hear. Quiggin does the honors today, pointing to the even better news under the good news that jingoist idiocy is falling out of fashion according to a new Pew study :

But the underlying picture is much worse for Republicans than this, as Gary Kamiya observes. On the one hand, the Pew Survey shows that Democrats and Independents are becoming pretty similar in the views to people elsewhere in the developed world (such as Europeans) – liberal on social issues, moderately social-democratic in social policy, preferring peace to war and so on. Not surprisingly, this translates to a strongly negative view of the Republican party, just as it does everywhere else in the world.

On the other hand, Republican support is contracting to a base of about 25 per cent of the population whose views are getting more extreme, not merely because moderate conservatives are peeling off to become Independents, but also because of the party’s success in constructing a parallel universe of news sources, thinktanks, blogs, pseudo-scientists and so on, which has led to the core becoming more tightly committed to an extremist ideology.

Too late for half a million Iraqis and almost 3300 Americans but better late than never never.

The study has been reported earlier and by the usual sources but I just like to see in two paragraphs all the shit that has been done to us by the Republican party coming back to haunt them and their arrogance collapsing in on the selfish fools.

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