Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iraq war vigils in the Boston area

There were over three dozen scheduled vigils in the Boston area that MoveOn was involved in. Many other groups, some organizing regular vigils since the outbreak of this pointless profitless slaughter, swelled the ranks at town squares and busy intersections. Even in my sleepy rural burg, a cluster of about 10 people stood up for those who have fallen in vain, holding signs in the cold gloomy afternoon where cars stream by the train station. All the anecdotes about reaction of passers by that I have heard of indicate the vigils were appreciated. The turnout and the coverage, both of which MoveOn and Operation Democracy members have helped coordinate have been uplifting for the organizers. A step in the right direction by the people might lead leaders to move as well, or so we should hope.

One of the things you sense is that people on both sides of the issue of ending the war are desperate for all of these deaths to mean something. If more of us just faced the simple facts of what has actually been "accomplished" in the Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld war on Iraqis, we would admit these deaths mean little, we would be humiliated and angry. We would stop doubling down or even pulling chips out our children's futures to put them on the table. We who support peaceful means lost the fight not to fight and war has had its way for 4 years. Those who supported bloody means have also lost their fight but refuse to see it.

The coverage was on the front page of the Boston globe.
At dusk, more than 100 protesters braved snow and gusty winds to span the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge for a candlelight and flashlight vigil.

Many held signs, including placards that read, "Bring Our Troops Home," "Kill one person and it's murder. Kill thousands, and it's foreign policy," and "War is terrorism with a bigger budget."

[credit: Boston Globe]
Pictures of the vigils are just everywhere on the web since many MoveOn vigils suggested bringing a camera. If I get one I like, I will replace that one from the Globe. The ever increasing numbers who will show their face and sign petitions against this cruel and wasteful liar's war could be fairly characterized as a rising tide. They say a rising tide lifts all boats but if your stubborness is like an anchor stuck in the rocks,

A rising tide pulls the immovable boat under the waves.

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