Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little fuel to throw on your smoldering paranoia...

I know for a fact that I have blogged a few things that would not sit well with my employer. But as it is my right to say all that I have and more, I excuse my pseudonymous presence as protection both for me and that employer.

Reputation has a funny reputation...it is supposed to be what others know about you yet what they don't know is what preserves your reputation.
That is why some minds actually think "don't ask, don't tell" is a perfectly workable policy.

But just so you would think a bit: I also know for a fact that I have spilled enough data in enough places that any enterprising snoop with access to even half of my traffic could figure out my identity. The creative interpretation of Patriot act privacy limitations just revealed by the FBI are only the latest. FISA is meaningless law from the ignored branch of government. ATT and who knows how many other backbone carriers have caved to NSA and friends ...you, my Internet friends, are as naked as a jay bird. And so am I. In fact, I have signed acknowledgements, as many of you may have, that a condition of my employment is the inspection of all communications I may engage in from work. I have heard not a peep about my politics or habits and I just have to wonder: do they only keep quiet because to do otherwise with such a piddling protester as myself would tip their hand and reveal exactly how far they have gone down the police state road? Just thinking out loud here.

Yo, Bush! I'll see your reputation and I'll raise you a lie.

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