Friday, March 09, 2007

When they came for the net rooters, nobody was home....

While Dick Morris undoubtedly knows a lot about the machinery of politics and the inescapable effects of the electoral calendar, he seems unable to distinguish between a web page and web roots. He must write and proof his own columns because he is appearing in a perfectly web savvy publication, under the same masthead as articles by Josh Marshall.
So how will we choose who are the frontrunners before anyone has voted? How will candidates impact the polls in order to swell their coffers? The early primary date means that the virtual primaries that will designate the frontrunners will be held on cable television, the Internet, and talk radio. The Republican Virtual Primary will be held on Fox News, the Limbaugh, Hannity, and other conservative talk radio shows, and the right-wing websites. The Democratic Virtual Primary will be held on National Public Radio, PBS, a handful of liberal talk shows, the network news programs, and websites like where liberals congregate.
[my emphasis]
Should I be miffed that a prominent conservative political columnist cannot accurately characterize one of the new voices in American politics or happy that, not having our address down, misunderstandings he fires at us will land unexploded in a vacant lot? Neither yet both: Better I should be apprehensive that the misunderstandings will be cordially received as accurate with the NewsMax audience...who I am glad to see stay as ignorant as their gurus. If he had mentioned DailyKos, I'd have nothing to write.

Challenging information never changes the conservative mind.

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