Wednesday, March 28, 2007

its official, yer president is an idiot

I am too burnt or lazy to really post today. I took to surfing the entire Progressive Blogging Aliance. I am even less encouraged to post as a result and it explains a lot about the slack traffic at ET: there are bunches of progressives who write better than I do...and they got the goods, the stuff you are not getting on your 6:00 O'clock news.

From Left is Right comes the least surprising surprise of my day. Sonofabush is a person of sub-normal intelligence. Being relatively stupid could be OK if the comparison is with US presidents of the last 60 years. But you rotten apple never falls far from your weak and wormy tree, the only other sub-normal president we ever had was Bush the first. You just pick the driver of a passing car stopped at the light or the random lady in the middle seat of row 14 on next plane you board and you will win bets by wagering that person is smarter than the leader of the freeper world. God help us. "Talent will out". Indeed.

There were other dismaying assessments of the dear leader's brain circulating to little notice a few years back. But if you read through the backup materials of the studies reported, its a fairly standard and widely used set of measuring techniques...not just some ornery librul in a bushbashing mood. But its been good for my mood.

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