Thursday, March 15, 2007

never mind authority, speak truth to greensmile

Seriously folks,
What would you say to stop the war? We will stand in vigils on Monday and I want some kick-ass slogans for the signs.
Bush, Cheney and friends gladly interpret silence as "yeah, go ahead, stay the course".


etbnc said...

I would be inclined to reframe whenever possible. We see and hear the word "war" so often now that folks may be numb to it.

A term such as "End the Occupation" might be a way to get our thoughts out of that rut.

I would not use the word "surge" at all. It just reinforces the neo-con worldview.

I avoid public mention of the T words for that reason. (T words? You know, t*rr*ris* )

Here's a link to some possibly related comments at Rockridge Nation...


GreenSmile said...

Thanks. This should improve quality and variety...points out a great truth too: One side locked in accusation of the other side's refusal to entertain a new thought is itself not having any new thoughts...hence deadlock!

OperationDemocracyDataDoctor_1 said...

"Back by popular demand" was popular with sign wavers. But I didn't see it in any of the news coverage of the vigil on TV.

We got a lot of coverage.