Thursday, May 03, 2007

You get the picture.

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I have very definitely become an addict. I am addicted to my hitcounter. To log in is to go into a trance. I love this party called the blogosphere and all the exercise I get trying to keep up with the conversations...but I am unable to confine blogging to fixed hours and make proper time for all my other commitments. A darkening shadow of dread steals over the constant tug of mild curiosity and the sunshine of perpetual virtual engagement: will yet another morning see nothing delivered? Blogging is not my job. Lets see if I can stand to leave blogs alone for a while.


Anonymous said...

There is only one solution. Get a job in online journalism. Then it will all blurr together and you wil be too tired to deal with the real world and even the bad bits when the tax inspectors beat you on the feet don't seem to matter.

It only gets ugly when they take away your broadband and you realise it is because you are in prison.

- barista

GreenSmile said...

G'day, Barista.

That is tempting advice. But the money I make pretending to write software for the defense contractors is more than the pay of a TV news anchor for a regional news broadcast.

On the other hand, those "journalists" claim job satisfaction
and that is obviously missing in my situation.

Those news anchors ought to be worried and their editors too. A mob in bathrobes is gunning for them.