Friday, May 25, 2007

Republicans would steal votes even if they could earn them

I should be working but when I saw this thing on caging in my Truthout feed I combed the MSM outlets via Google News to see who covered it and who omitted it.
This is all the NY Times finds this morning in the Goodling testimony. Even editors highly critical of the clumsy DoJ political reprisal operation don't see a problem with Griffin.

Aside from the vanity, one of the strong and enduring motives for my reading blogs and other alternatives to MSM and spreading some of the things I find there is that I am well convinced and constantly reconfirmed that we, the American public are effectively being lied to about truly vital matters. The alternative press watch dogs are on the case, however. From my favorite, Truthout, we hear that this is what Greg Palast sees And Huffington Post, for another example, gets wind of the deep rot and skulduggery that DoJ was engaged in for Rove and the Republicans.

If you are not prone to stroke or heart attack from spiking your blood pressure, you really should read that Palast BBC piece to learn who the Republican stooges cheated out of their voting rights. You will be furious. Rove should be in the docket. His boss should too. Gonzo should be in chains breaking rocks or picking up roadside trash...I hear there are a few empty cells at Gitmo.

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