Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Start taking names.

A majority in the Senate has shown that posturing and fear of being smeared by the Republicans as "not supporting the troops" is all the deeper their thinking on the Republican war on Iraqis goes. So let these names be recorded as persons willing to own a piece of this neoconservative hell on earth. Remember their names when you vote.

Google has not indexed it yet but this is the page with congressional voting Roll Calls. Book mark it. It will come in handy when you need to know whether your Senator is more concerned about what the Republicans will say than he or she is about having American and Iraqi blood on his or her hands. For today's final vote that caves to the president and lets his little war go on in the carte blanche way it has for the last four years, these are the vote details.
For your convenience, I have filters that point out the weak Democrats for the harsh attention they now deserve:
Baucus MT
Bayh IN
Bingaman NM
Carper DE
Casey PA
Conrad ND
Dorgan ND
Landrieu LA
Levin MI
Lincoln AR
McCaskill MO
Nelson FL
Nelson NE
Pryor AR
Reed RI
Rockefeller WV
Salazar CO
Tester MT
Webb VA
Some bottom line votes: Both Democratic Senators who are candidates for president voted with Kerry to cut off this war at the checkbook. McCain did not vote. No Republican voted for an end to war. With that demonstration that they have no independence from this war-happy administration, I would write them all off come Nov 2008.

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