Thursday, May 24, 2007

Being fair to the candidates is being fair to yourself

At this moment, my inbox is bursting with pleas from John Edwards staffers, Barbara Boxer, sundry MoveOn staff and half a dozen other good causes. If I went to their web sites and gave them my email addy, I could no doubt hear from every party on the planet who had an agenda and a server.
That would of course max out even a GMAIL account. But I just might take a step in that direction.

By virtue of their uneven finances and my sloth, I am not giving equal heed to all the interesting people who want to be the next Democratic president of the US [assuming Bush does not finally flip out and declare martial law and suspend elections rather than lose them]. I don't hear a lot from Richardson on the news shows but the few things I have heard and the people who like him pique my interest. I find Obama stirring at times, certainly a great speaker. Clinton comes to my attention mostly in the form of media and opponents spinning her...I actually know little of what she has to say. All the time I hear from Edwards people because I contributed when he was the first to dump Fox debate coverage. Yes, the candidates will tailor email messages to the kind of issues they assume matter to me. Yes, they will beg for money.

I have only had time to catch a few minutes of the debates. I read the transcripts. I grow ever more mistrustful of what I hear on TV and TV is anything but a level playing is a road to power only the powerful can afford. I am going to go ahead and sign up for email campaign messages from all the candidates just to see them in roughly similar light and at similar length.

UPDATE: this is already paying off. Here is a link the Edwards campaign mailed out: it is a sign-up page and has suggestions for things you can do over Memorial day weekend to really support the troops.

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