Wednesday, May 02, 2007

If this doesn't make you think,

...have the nurse check your pulse.

Agonist Editor Sean-Paul Kelly, triggered by Agonist diarist Don has up a post that puts in sharpest focus just how screwed we are, whether or not well intentioned. The third world living standards will not go up much. In the short term the standard of living of the most wasteful developed nations will inevitably decline, especially if being able to eat cheap food, drink clean water and breath clean air figure into your definition of "living". The problem succinctly described is how unrealistic the hopes of the mass of humanity are regarding living as well as Americans or Europeans. Ironically these are exactly the problems the World Bank is chartered to address. That must be why Bush selected Wolfowitz, an architect of our brilliant Iraq strategy, to head the world bank. How much hope should those Ethiopians have, if the guy in charge of their aid loans is too busy poaching obscenely compensated promotions for his girlfriend?

[This post had an attribution error. I fixed it. Where is the nurse?]