Tuesday, April 10, 2007

all I am saying is

If you won't look into the mind per se' to see how it works, you have little basis for proclaiming the authority of the hogwash--shared or idiosyncratic--that bubbles forth from it.

I have had a brutal time trying to write one post. If I hit publish, it would show up: too long, repeating most of my already tedious complaints and pleasing to nearly no one, not even me. I could quit now. I have blown huge chunks out of the schedule for my work and personal life trying to hit the balance between the [but it is not "the", there are many a] religious view of our existance and various rational and science-informed views. It is a crazy-making effort. Perhaps bringing the mad and the sane into one dialog will always be a mad enterprise. But I am satisfied with that one sentence. And I really have to go finish those tax returns now.

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