Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can we recall Bush?

For some lower elected offices, the voters who put the jerk in office can have a recall vote and kick him out.

Of course Gonzo can't recall Bush, or anything. His Alzheimer's is more advanced than Reagan's was at the Iran Contra deposition. And he looks so young, what a shame.

I must be the hundredth liberal blogger to have complained about Gonzales amazing inability to remember what he does for a living. Why add my post to the chorus of cat calls? Because there are the telling little bits of news, the sense that the sharks in the pool all just turned to see where the scent of blood is coming from. My local CW station is not deep or astute in its 10:00 O'clock news political coverage but tonight they picked up a rather sharp Candy Crowley video clip from CNN in which various protesters at Gonzales testimony counted and held up score cards for each time he said he did not recall...your four year old with the chocolate all over his face saying he did not get into the candy would have been about as convincing. The segment also put in some of Jon Stewart's best cuts. To have my local station playing ridicule-by-quote as news is refreshing and the most accurate thing they have done in a while...and THAT is news.

Gonzo is toast and there are only two or three people on the planet stupid enough not to know it. One of those would be the aphasic in chief. You recall who he is. Would you like to recall him now? Gonzo is small potatoes and too much of the administrations sins against democracy will seem expiated by the AG's dismissal. Bush incompetence in hiring is on display here and we won't really fix it by unhiring Gonzo, we should just end the reign of incompetence at its source.

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