Friday, April 27, 2007

Fried Days News

I am still paying for this newspaper. The polling booths are closed but a blogger can always cast his vote for or against the news. My short takes on the Times:

If there is a race to find patentable diabetes cures, who is loosing?

Note and enjoy: lots of people in the streets is a very upsetting thing to the conservative mind. The rallying locations have been picked out already, and the call-trees parcelled out. When the call comes to go down to the streets to protest the PotUS's disdain for the will of the people whom he claims to serve, GO! MoveOn and many other activist organizations have done the planning and it will be up to you to make a show of support: it WILL make a difference.

Reading Douglas Adams' Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy should be mandatory for all residents of the five Burroughs:
“When I heard ‘don’t panic,’ I panicked,” said Ms. Sloley, who spent several hours on the sidewalk in a line of displaced residents.

Good ol' Texas: proving once again that it is never too late to do the wrong thing for women's health.

Afghanistan had nowhere to go but up Once the Murkin Talibangelists are sidelined, maybe the "richest nation on earth" can move out of its middle of the pack [twice as deadly a place to be born as, say, Hong Kong] ranking and join Afghanistan as one of the countries with an improving IMR.
[note: in checking the facts, every last document I found on these statistics is a damning comment on social inequalities in the US.]

If you watched Frontline, or read Richard Clarke, you would remember Tenet as an individual too conflicted to be in charge of what is one of the most sensitive and should be the most objective agency in the government. There are instances past counting to prove that one gets fired for telling the cheneypuppets to back off or even for just ignoring them and telling the truth. But that is the only moral course one could take. I would tell George "Its too late to grow a conscience. People have died. You are gonna make money on a CYA book about the CIA. Why don't you give the profits to build orphanages in Iraq or fix up long term care VA facilities?"

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