Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Title of "Czar" damaged beyond repair

Sonofabush, the nearest thing we ever had to a Czar in the original "Cesar" sense of that title, has tried three times to appoint a high ranking Fall Guy in charge of Iraq and Afghanistan. Even though he sweetened the deal by throwing in the title "Czar", [crown not included, it is not standard military uniform], he has been turned down by each of three generals offered the post. The fact that the Department of Defense already has a well understood chain of command and one in which all the current players know their roles has not fazed the Confounder-in-Chief. He simply plans to plunk this new position, with the usual Republican dotted line connections, some place on the DoD org chart and endow it with power to tell anybody to do anything. Yeah, right, that'll sure work good.

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Shokai said...

Can a self-proclaimed "War President" appoint a "War Czar?" Isn't that going on the wrong hierarchal direction?

Things aren't going like The Decider wanted, so he's trying to put the responsibility on someone else. No wonder the Generals are turning him down. But it looks like Wolfowitz will need a new job soon. And what's Harriet Myers doing these days? Isn't she qualified?

I wonder what the term "Commander In Chief" will mean when B*sh is hiding behind his War Czar.