Wednesday, April 04, 2007

what do your ideals have to do with party politics?

There is constant murmur and sometimes poll numbers to prop them up, about a "Draft Gore" movement. The odd thing is that the presumed party he would be drafted by as a presidential candidtate is the Democratic party. I personally would be happy to see him run because he does care about something I care about very much and he has made a very credible effort to lead world opinion toward action on global warming.

From the sleepy little spot where I watch the world, it appears that Kerry has borrowed a page from Gore, eschewing politcal ambitions and publicising a great cause that needs more support: the environment. Maybe he wants to get drafted too.

But why the Democratic party when Gore is now a potential candidate with better "Green Party" credentials than Nader ever had?

Yo! Greens! Let's hear from you.


Pyesetz the dog said...

Hi!  Just popped over when following a link from your comment on Pharyngula's Nazi book post.

Gore is a partisan Democrat.  He's put his life into that party.

The Green party of the United States is a bought-and-paid-for arm of the Republican Party.  Nader has become a Republican shill.  So really there is nothing for Gore there, although the Green parties of other countries are indeed close to Gore's positions.

How's that for a comment full of unsourced assertions?

GreenSmile said...

It is definitely the case that Gore is loaded with ties to all things Democratic, even family history.

I don't expect an expose' written in my comments and I confess I am not much read up on green party workings or positions: I just expect from my own priorities for sustainability that they would suit me. You seem to be saying I ought to read more.

I have never before encountered the assertion that greens are some kind of stalking horse for the republicans...can you point me to some documentation? I do not mind unsourced assertions I already agree with but....