Sunday, April 01, 2007

What day is it?

Faux News is fishing for credible accusations with which to harm those meanies in the Democratic party and their evil henchmen at MoveOn.

Faux Facts are piling up so thick you could spend your life reading the deep expertise on how the dinosaurs came and went in just a few years out of the 6000 that our universe has existed. Quiggin dares to question the Conservapedia as an alternate reality.

As a one-time student of quantum physics, I felt obliged to comment in the Crooked Timber thread on the existence of many parallel universes:

Meanwhile over in the other alternate reality [once you can make one, whats to stop others from cropping up?] of The Globe (vol 53, no. 14, published by American Media Inc.) "Bush and Laura's Darkest Secrets" revealed and, on the cover: "inside whitehouse divorce".

Yes, another fine source of information for the lonely folks who read three or four horoscopes per day.

This sort of "news", like conservapedia, is crafted for an audience and based on a supposition of what folks want to read. What amuses me is that in 2003 these same rags were featuring photoshopped embraces of Saddam and Osama. One could infer that the editors believe Bush has lost his mojo in the astrology demographic.

In other news, the rift between bloggoddess Amanda Marcotte and confused old fart blogger Greensmile has widened with the revelation that Marcotte is of the Discoballmoustarian faith. As an orthodox member of the FSM religion, [well heck, I have the last spaghetti supper as my wallpaper] Greensmile, stops short of "friends" and will say for the record "We can still be aquaintences...or at least somewhat civil". As we all know, real gods have no sense of humor.

Please pass the matzah.

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