Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is Cul Heath OK?

The domain has expired for his blog Ratboy's Anvil. There was active posting right up to the time the hosting or DNS service unplugged it. Neither of the two email addresses google leads to are in service. The domain suspension is part of that email disruption. I have never met Cul but he was one of the first bloggers to link here and say a kind word about my pompus postings. Other blogs on which he is co-author allow commenting only by authors. But on those blogs, the same query has, in effect, been posted: is Cul OK?

He has had sudden health crises in the past so the worries are not without reason. If buying a domain has become a problem, others have offered to pitch in and I would join that effort.

There is no permanence.
Only ghosts live on in cache.
All the more reason community arises,
at the thin tail of our social density,
from the slightest seeds of sympathy and strands of communication.
And at the thick tail where only groups are real,
all the more reason groups fall upon each other
for another bite of permanence.
Houses side by side are not a neighborhood
if nobody will speak to and for their neighbor now and then.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

I've been trying to reach Cul, with no success. If anybody has a non-ISP based email addy, please email him and post the response here, or on my blog, , or forward it to me, if you would.

If I don't hear from him by 12:00hst FRI 20 APR 07, I'll renew his domain name and recharge his ISP account, if I can. Anyone who cares to contribute can reach me via my blog, in the comments on the "WHERE'S CUL" post.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

Cul is alive and well and living here, thanks to greensmile. Say "THANK YOU," boys & girls.