Monday, April 09, 2007

While you are wiping the grafiti off your blog...

...remember the stakes seem low for a poster or commenter who can't or won't identify himself. But when he goes over the edge and makes threats and posts lies it is often because you have in fact landed a solid blow to his myths and he has no better response than to change the subject to something like your own safety. For him the stakes were high...and he lost. And then lost his temper into the bargain.

I am still on the fence about whether new rules will help in a world that does not really want them , whether seasoned bloggers do or do not like rules. Either way, you only need to remember that the only fire under all this smoke was that you were probably right in barbecuing some sacred cow and all that you got for a response was bull shit, even if it is scary bull shit.

The Kathy Seirra nastiness is looking more like a storm system than a squall.

Just because someone is cheap and cowardly, you can't assume they are harmless. But make them work for their gains on the substance of your posts by pointing to any threats or personal attacks as admissions of defeat.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Chris Bowers at myDD gets an appropriate handle on the resolutely clueless treatment the MSM dish to blogging.

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